RUSLANA - skyhoje
Born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, current place of residence: Berlin, Germany 
Creative directions: ceramics, sculpture, performative video, experimental electronic music.
"“…spine as grounding in culture and one with the nature of an artist who has left the homeland”. Ruslana’s art mirrors the generational trauma of post-Soviet era and finds ways out of difficult situations through different artistic forms. Determination and the ability to combine different materials, a sincere desire to discover new structures and look for new meanings in current topics" - I. Danilevsky
2022 - present - studies Fine Arts (Klasse Prof. Thomas Zipp), UdK, Berlin  

''Green for future'' Group Exhibition, LOBE Block, Berlin, Germany. 
''Basement'' Group Exhibition, HINTERRAUM, Berlin, Germany.
TRYZUB Group Exhibition, RADA.Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
Monday Kitchen Anniversary, 90MIL, Berlin, Germany.
TRYZUB Group Exhibition, Future Club , Copenhagen, Denmark.
"Use According To The Wishes", FKK, Berlin, Germany.
Linkup event SKYHOJE x Aurora Carlucci, FKK, Berlin, Germany.
«Mirage or Reality» Group Exhibition, chi K11 Museum, Schanghai, China.
Pop Ups:
Lazy Sundays vol.1, FKK, Berlin, Germany.
Lazy Sundays vol.3, FKK, Berlin, Germany.
Tiny Market / Exhibition, SPC1L, Berlin, Germany.

Photo by Rose Mihman

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